Belt Cleaning Sticks


Important for Drum Sander Maintenance

If you’re thinking of buying a drum sander, it cannot be stressed enough that like many machines, regular maintenance is integral to its longevity. Belt cleaning sticks are key to this process.

Extend Cutting Mechanism

By scouring them against the abrasive surface of your drum sander’s belt, they release gum and debris, elongating the cutting feature.


It cleans while your drum sander is running which helps save time and money. You wont just be raving about better surface quality but a decrease in burns and markings as well.

We at understand the importance of taking care of your abrasives equipment.  In fact, we directly import these natural Latex rubber belt cleaning sticks from a top producer in Sri Lanka, so we are able to offer them to you at the best price!

Visit our website or call (800)-822-4003 for more information!


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