Belt Cleaning Sticks


Important for Drum Sander Maintenance

If you’re thinking of buying a drum sander, it cannot be stressed enough that like many machines, regular maintenance is integral to its longevity. Belt cleaning sticks are key to this process.

Extend Cutting Mechanism

By scouring them against the abrasive surface of your drum sander’s belt, they release gum and debris, elongating the cutting feature.


It cleans while your drum sander is running which helps save time and money. You wont just be raving about better surface quality but a decrease in burns and markings as well.

We at understand the importance of taking care of your abrasives equipment.  In fact, we directly import these natural Latex rubber belt cleaning sticks from a top producer in Sri Lanka, so we are able to offer them to you at the best price!

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Hardware Stores must sell Abrasives


Drywall, Wood Working, and Floor Refinishing Products

Abrasives are valuable items used heavily in many domestic, industrial, and technological applications. That’s why hardware stores must provide a solid selection to customers.


A familiar task for handymen, drywall requires abrasives to smooth and level a surface that has been patched and filled.

Wood Working

Similar to the flattening of drywall, wood sanding is a standard practice for handymen and carpenters. The rough tendencies of wood necessitate its smoothing via abrasives.

Floor Refinishing

There has been a recent surge in the need for floor refinishing as hardwood floors have increased in popularity. The process involves the use of abrasives in the preliminary stage.

We, at Supergrit, understand that if you run a hardware store, it’s important to either involve abrasives within your inventory or greatly expand your abrasives selection. We can help.

Visit our website or call (800)-822-4003 for more information!

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Mirka ROYAL Abrasives

Mirka® “Royal” Sanding Discs, Rolls, & Sheets

These premium sanding products are made in Finland by one of the largest and most respected abrasive companies in the world.

Mirka® “Royal” Sanding Discs, Rolls, & Sheets are long lasting and resist clogging. They were priced about 20% more than Mirka “Gold” based on superior performance. Regrettably, the production of Mirka® “Royal” line has been discontinued. Supergrit Abrasives in Gettysburg, PA has compiled a large stock of Mirka® “Royal” products which are now being offered on sale at approximately 20% below Mirka® “Gold”.

Visit our website or call (800)-822-4003 for more information!

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Welcome to our Blog



We are Supergrit

Thanks for visiting – this is our inaugural blog post! The first of many pieces filled with stimulating content about our company and industry. We are pleased to be updating this regularly for you, our valued customers.

Our Company

We are dedicated distributors of products from leading abrasive companies from around the world. The one stop shop for abrasive material and all the hardware & tools that come along with it.

Our office, store, and warehouse reside in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. And with over 35 years in business we have only our 60,000 customers to thank.

Visit our website and learn more about us. Or call (800)-822-4003 and speak to one of our experts. We are ready to help!

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